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Dance your way everyday – Power Wave Dance!

by anamika on March 17, 2013


Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are doing just great. Yeah may be you would have seen few lows and few ups, but all I would say is stay low for good – come whatever.

I was just managing my professional Twitter account and exploring some interesting profiles which I could Follow and stay updated. Sundays are meant for such things for me.

I came across this amazing video by Gabrielle Roth who has introduced to the world Power Wave Dance based on 5 Rhythms. Sounds complicated, but once you watch this video, you would feel like standing up and dancing to the tunes. That’s because there are no typical steps involved but instead absolute freedom in motion. Everyday you will dance to the same set of tunes in different ways – the way you like. Doesn’t that sound interesting and curious enough to know more about it? I am doing it right now. Exploring more about the person behind this all.

And frankly speaking, the first thing that came to my mind after watching few minutes of the video (my mind couldn’t wait for the whole video to finish) was – Hey, let’s have something like this at our locality. So friends if you are listening, our weekends can be much more happier and exciting! Do let me know :)

Click on the image below to watch the video:

And if you are interested to know more, you can click the below links explaining a lot about the topic and the person!




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